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    Introducing Longines Rings Watch A-7 1935

    sale replica Tag Heuer Autavia Watches.In recent years, Longines performed heritage games, make full use of its history, through its heritage line to produce a wonderful retro style works. Watches like the beloved legendary diver, column wheel single pusher chronograph and the nearest Longines railway. Now, Longines once again used this history, brought back a 30′s US Army Air Force chronograph. Introducing Longines Rings Watch A-7 1935.

    Longines first re-released this watch in 2012, although the original watch is equipped with a black dial, built a 49mm case (compared to the historical size of 51 mm in diameter ).

    For the 2016 edition, Longines wisely narrowed the watch to 41mm, making it easier to manage, without affecting the presence of the watch. And the boy, there are some. White paint dial designed to imitate porcelain really popular. Digital block font – designed at the end of the 19th century / early twentieth century – pulling the eyes, the dramatic steel blue cathedral hand is also true. In addition, the honey-colored mark – though often a lot of slander, because the color ape old (in this case the radium) – with other dials attractive contrast, breaking the white and blue. The dual register layout is a welcome touch, the real original. There is also a six date window, but fortunately it is integrated into the overall design, so it will not reduce the number of dials too much.replica Longines THE LONGINES AVIGATION Watches

    Of course, the most interesting aspect of the design is the skewed dial, clockwise 40 degrees. It also applies to the historical model, which is designed to be worn inside the wrist and has the same orientation to allow the pilot to read the time in some way. People may think that the daily situation will make the time more complicated, but this is quite intuitive. The watch is designed to wear when the crown / putter is located here on the 12th, probably two o’clock of the traditional watch.

    For the Avigate watch A-7 1935 powered by L788.2 movement, a modified ETA 7750, with a column wheel – the internal upgrade is quite complex and the power reserve is 54 hours. The sport is particularly unique in that it is modified into a mono putter, the timing button is directly integrated into the crown to start, stop and reset the complications.



    TAG Heuer Connection Modular 45 Smartwatch is designed for eternity

    TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 Smartwatch aims to be perpetual Today, TAG Heuer will follow the smart watch to the successful TAG Heuer Carrera Connected since 2015. It is not just a new product, but also a smart watch category long-term investment signs. 2017 TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 Smart Watch is a comprehensive upgrade, as a digital connection to wearable equipment and modern luxury products. Modern and future "eternal" is the key component of this high-end watch value proposition. TAG Heuer hopes that this "Swiss-made" smart watch will be a useful tool for today’s modern technology, as well as tomorrow’s eternal items. Let’s see how they are doing the project, that’s the most beautiful smart watch I’ve ever seen.

    Last month, I talked to TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver about the upcoming Connected Modular 45 watch. He explained some of his overall philosophy of the next smart watch from the traditional mechanical watch maker, and the knowledge he and the company had learned after putting the first Carrera Connected smart watch on the market. For Jean-Claude Biver, the two most important elements of the "Lenovo module" seem to be celebrating its status as a "real" Swiss-made product, and the product goes beyond normal The ability to expect the term Most consumer electronics products are being purchased today. He knew that the smart watch in its practicality only lasted a few years, but want to ensure that consumers remember "

    Many people guess what the "modular" part of the upcoming product name will mean. Although the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 is now available, there are still a lot of questions about the future of the product and what will be posted by TAG Heuer. The ability to swap out certain components for cosmetics or technology upgrades is a key part of product appeal and can only guess what new modules TAG Heuer will release in the future. It is also important to explain that although Tiger TAG Heuer now has a facility to assemble smart watches in Switzerland, it is still in close contact with Intel. TAG Heuer even hired a former Intel staff to manage the connected watch department, which is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, California.wholesale watches replica

    This is important because it shows that TAG Heuer understands that it is important not only to develop the Smartwatch product line, but also to support it through software updates while maintaining close contact with other technology products. TAG Heuer’s own team easily said that from the company’s point of view, the biggest difference between mechanical watches and smart watches is to leave the factory early work, while the latter’s work almost never change.

    TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 launch date focuses on upcoming products and their accessories, but TAG Heuer has hinted that consumers can easily expect to buy new smart watch modules in the future, as technology has escalated over time. In addition, they clearly show that even if the current TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 product is based on Carrera’s theme, there is no reason why TAG Heuer’s other product range may not be the basis for future Connected watches. Look at the "45" part of the name (referring to the case size) is a significant sign that other sizes may soon be available, for example, may be smaller for smart wristions for smaller wrist and female.

    The TAG Heuer-connected modular module 45 has several forms, but in most cases it is possible to broadly personalize the case and the aesthetic appearance of its components as well as the main case itself. This means that consumers will be able to choose a reference watch that attracts them and then select an optional accessory or part that can be easily exchanged and mixed to get a unique look. This is an interesting, well-designed system, and the design is clear.replica Breitling Professional Collection watches

    No tools are needed to completely mix and match the housing and strap components. TAG Heuer connection module 45 (again) There are several main components that can be purchased separately. These components include a main case module itself and two lug structures, one end of which is connected to the belt and the other end connected to the housing. Then you have belt / bracelet, and belt buckle. The only modular component that can not be swapped out is the baffle style attached to the case. The user must first select one of the 11 available connection housing styles or one of the mechanical watch modules so that the appearance of the watch can be further personalized.

    The choice of cosmetics makes the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 more masculine or feminine, sporty or conservative, younger or mature, or moderately fancy. The case is 45mm wide (waterproof watch module waterproof 50 meters, swimming acceptable), using brushed or titanium, black ceramic or 18k rose gold-plated, with or without diamond decoration. Various parts can technically lead to some less attractive combinations, but in most cases, replacing the housing module, lugs and belts are very interesting and make people feel personal and visually appealing. I fully think that most TAG Heuer Connected modular owners want at least a few straps to choose.

    TAG Heuer further noted that at the time of debut, no less than 18 different straps and bracelet options. This includes a variety of colors and materials, from brakes to comfortable rubber straps or trim calfskin straps, as well as sports titanium or black ceramic bracelets. The buckle is made of natural or black coated titanium. Although similar to the previous buttons, these have additional hinge points that make them more comfortable and may allow the strap to last GREUBEL FORSEY WATCHES replica



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